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Vedanta Balbahadur systematically uses photography as a way to focus his meditations on the built environment. 

For Vedanta, photography is a means of documenting the urban experience as an essential factor shaping human behavior.  His images and writing draw attention to the interaction between people and the physical environment, to spaces and moments that often go unnoticed because of the speed of contemporary life.  He is intrigued by peculiar juxtapositions between artificial and seemingly natural textures in the urban fabric since these distinctions are especially blurred in cities.


In addition to photos taken with traditional film and digital cameras, he has used mobile telephones to take upwards of 105,000 photos over the last decade and share over 10,000 images on social media.

Should you wish to purchase photographic prints of anything you see on this site, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Photo Albums

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